Key Milestones

2014 -15: First-ever international consultation on the links between insurance policy, regulation and supervision and sustainable development
May 2015: Insurance 2030 Roundtable, co-hosted by UN Environment and Swiss Re

June 2015: Release of “Insurance 2030 – Harnessing Insurance for Sustainable Development” report, at the Global Insurance Forum of the International Insurance Society, which recommended the creation of the SIF.

2015: Several insurance regulators express support for the SIF concept, including the Bank of England, in its assessment of climate change and the UK insurance sector.

2016: A steering group of insurance regulators (Brazil, France, Netherlands, South Africa, the UK, and California and Washington State) guides the process of creating the SIF.
June 2016: Presentation of the results of an international consultation on the proposed SIF involving regulators from more than 30 countries, in cooperation with the IAIS.


December 2016: Launch of the SIF, with Commissioner Dave Jones elected to the role of SIF chair.
February 2017: Submission of joint SIF response to FSB Task Force on Climate Related Financial Disclosures consultation.
July 2017: Second meeting of the SIF, held in Windsor UK.
July 2017: SIF releases public statement in support of the final recommendations of the FSB Task Force on Climate Related Financial Disclosures.
November 2017: Third meeting of the SIF, held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


February 2018: Mr. Geoff Summerhayes (APRA) named as new Chair of the SIF.


May 2018: Fourth meeting of the SIF, held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


June 2018: Joint SIF/IAIS Issues Paper on Climate Change Risks released at the IAIS Global Seminar in Moscow, Russia.


November 2018: Fifth meeting of the SIF, held in Luxembourg.


March 2019: SIF conducts global survey on TCFD Implementation within the insurance sector, gathering responses from nearly 1200 insurers across 15 jurisdictions.


June 2019: Sixth meeting of the SIF, held in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

November 2019: Seventh meeting of the SIF, held in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

February 2020: Eighth meeting of the SIF, held in Basel, Switzerland

February 2020:  IAIS and SIF publish Issues Paper on the Implementation of the Recommendations of
the TCFD

May 2020: SIF holds first ever Virtual Meetings with members

July 2020: SIF issues report on the summary of activities in the first half of 2020

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