Dossier on Green Finance

The topic of sustainability also concerns the Swiss financial centre and the financial institutions. Green finance focuses on how the business world is dealing with climate change. This page provides key information published by FINMA on this topic.

Indebted to Nature

The financial sector is exposed to risks as a result of biodiversity loss. This emerged from a joint study by De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) and PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency. The new study builds on the report Values at risk?, published last year by DNB, in which risks of biodiversity loss were investigated in qualitative terms.

“NGFS climate scenarios for central banks and supervisors”

The NGFS Climate Scenarios (the scenarios) have been developed to provide a common starting point for analysing climate risks to the economy and financial system. While developed primarily for use by central banks and supervisors they may also be useful to the broader financial, academic and corporate communities. This document provides an overview of the key transition risks, physical risks and economic impact of climate change.

Guide to climate scenario analysis for central banks and supervisors

This Guide provides practical advice on using scenario analysis to assess climate risks to the economy and financial system. It is based on the initial experiences of NGFS members and observers, and also aims to progress discussion on the methodologies used. While mainly aimed at central banks and supervisors, many aspects of the Guide might also prove informative to the wider community.

First comprehensive report: A Call for Action

This report of the Network for Greening the Financial System builds on the network’s October 2018 progress report, in which members acknowledged that “climate-related risks are a source of financial risk. It is therefore within the mandates of central banks and supervisors to ensure the financial system is resilient to these risks.

Access to Insurance Initiative (A2ii) Annual Report 2019

A decade has passed since the A2ii was established, and this special Anniversary Edition Annual Report commemorates it. In 2019, A2ii worked on climate and disaster risk, digitalisation and gender, to mention a few. It also convened important stakeholders from around the globe at its Anniversary Conference: High-level Forum and Expert Symposium. Details regarding its activities can be read in the report.